Nep Seat D-wedge Self-support – Turkey-deer Rt-edge



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Nep seat d-wedge self-support turkey/deer rt-edge

-Revolutionary Wedge™ technology for the seat & backrest helps you sit comfortably, quietly & motionless
for long periods of time
-Durable & waterproof Silent Touch™ camo fabric
-Over-the-shoulder carry strap w/ side-release buckles
-Breathable mesh for added comfort
-Military-grade hardware, webbing & rubber coated non-slip base

Other Features: Self supporting wedge shape guides your gravitational direction backwards,preventing you from slumping forward which increases comfort back:18″x16″ w/2″x4″ wedge bottom:17″x18″ w/2″x4″ wedge waterproof silent touch camo, over the shoulder carry strap

PlaceholderNep Seat D-wedge Self-support – Turkey-deer Rt-edge

Availability: 3 in stock

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